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Anyone can be famous on the internet.

Wow If True is a super-serious plunge into what it's like to go viral online, hosted by writers Isabel J. Kim and Amanda Silberling. Every Wednesday, these clout-chasing, D-list internet personalities dissect the week's best memes, interview people who are internet famous, and plot their own misguided quest for niche popularity.

Meet the Hosts

We met in college, where we collaborated on an art-activism project that went viral (Ashton Kutcher noticed us). We may never again reach that level of internet fame, but we’re obsessed with people who do.

Now, Isabel is an unknown writer by day and a niche-famous fanfiction writer by night. Amanda is a journalist, but she writes more tweets than articles. 

There was also that time when we got a cease & desist letter from our local public transit authority, but we don’t talk about that for legal reasons.

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