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As an independent podcast, we’re building this from the ground-up on our own.

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At this time, we do not pay ourselves for the production of the podcast (even though we’ve spent many, many hours of work on it!) We’ve managed to keep our costs low since we are extremely multi-talented (lol) and handle our own art design, web design, social media marketing, audio editing, etc., and we bullied our dear friend Sam Rizer into making music for us, but… we still have costs! (And we believe in paying artists, so you know, #defendsam).

Basically, what we’re saying here is if you like the show and can help us break even on production costs, we’d be endlessly grateful, and it’ll help us keep Wow If True running in the future!

Speaking of endless gratitude, we are very grateful to our patrons Zoe Stoller, Allison M, aritchie, Rachel, André, Eli Tornøe, Erin G, Grant Soehn, Almond, emma kouhi, Becca Tizzard, Dan McKeon, and Lada Bartova! 


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